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The USA is home to many famous routes and highways including Route 66, Highway 99, and the Lincoln Highway.

Route 66 may be the most well known of the old highway routes. The original route passed through a mix of communities from Illinois, through Missouri, Kansas to the Southwest and California. The two-lane road running the length of 2,448 miles connects Chicago to Santa Monica.

Snow Cap Drive-in
Seligman, AZ

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The Lincoln Highway originated in 1913 as the first coast to coast highway. Named after President Abraham Lincoln, the highway spans from Times Square in New York City to Lincon Park in San Francisco.

Thunderbird Lodge
Laramie, WY


The Lincoln Highway turns 100 years old in 2013

HIghway 99 is a well known route in the western part of the United States. Running from the Canada border at the north to the Mexico border in the south, this North South highway run though many popular towns.

Seal's Motel
Seattle, WA

US 99 was first commissioned as a U.S. highway in 1926








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