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Deco Delights
Northern California | Midwest | Pacific Northwest | Arizona | Florida


3022 Building
Sacramento CA
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

This deco building in Sacramento still features the bold outlines of the era. Check out the deco from Northern California at Roadside Peek's Deco Delights Northern California. Deco can be found across the country, from this building on Broadway in Sacramento to a classic hotel in Miami.



Strong Building Beloit WIStrong Building
Beloit WI
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

Here's the Strong Building, located in Beloit, WI. The Strong Building served as an office building after being built in 1923. See this treasure and more at Roadside Peek's Deco Delights Midwest.



Signal Gifts
Portland OR
Photo courtesy Jeff Raber

The Signal Gifts of Portland is located in a former art deco gas station. Check out the way the neon wraps around the building. See this deco building and more at Roadside Peek's Deco Delights Pacific Northwest.



General Motors Testing Laboratory
2001 E. Roosevelt in Phoenix Arizona
Architect: Austin Co., from Cleveland OH

Built in 1937 as the General Motors Testing Laboratory, this is the best example in Phoenix of the streamlined style of the modernistic movement. The building was constructed as a testing laboratory for automobiles and armored tanks prior to WWII.

See other deco landmarks from Arizona at Roadside Peek's Deco Delights Arizona.



Hotel Clifton
Miami FL
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Here's another of the deco hotels in Miami. The Hotel Clifton enhances its image with the classic old car parked outside the front door. Check out this deco building at Roadside Peek's Deco Delights Florida.









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