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Drive-in Theatres Midwest


Bel-Air Drive-in (Closed)
Mitchell, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Here's the Bel-Air Drive-in Theatre near St. Louis, MO. Right on Route 66, the Bel Air's vintage marquee still stands, overlooking a wide expanse now known as an empty lot.

Sandusky Drive-in
Sandusky, OH
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

Sneak a peek at the Sandusky Drive-in Theatre screen tower that still stands tall after all these years.





Miles Drive-in
Cleveland, OH
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

One of the "coolest" drive-ins in the Cleveland Metro area is the Miles Drive-in. The Miles stands out among the 4 within the region because of its great-looking screen. This theatre is believed to be virtually unchanged since it opened in the early 1950's.


UPDATE 09/06 : The gorgeous art-deco Miles Drive-In in Cleveland has been torn down.  It stood dormant for years but was razed this past August.  This style of drive-in is the most sought-out, yet the rarest to find (let alone operating). Many thanks to Mark Hackett for update. 09-06

UPDATE 01/07 : The Miles Drive-In in Cleveland, Ohio was located less than a mile from my house, and I got many chances to wander around there at various times of the year. This Drive-In had been closed for at least ten years but the place was like a time capsule, everything was still there as it was the day it closed. I am sad to say that she is no longer standing, the whole site was demolished this summer for redevelopment. Many thanks to Michael Sawyer for update. 01-07

Here are more photos of the Miles Drive-in at Roadside Peek's Spotlight on the Miles Drive-in Theatre.



Skyview Drive-in
Belleville, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner


An open-air theatre close to Route 66, the Skyview Drive-in Theatre sports a space age marquee. The Skyview still blasts off every evening, lighting the skies of Belleville, IL.

Skyview Drive-in Theatre
Belleville, IL
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com



Melody Drive-in
Springfield, OH
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

How about another fantastic looking marquee in the Ohio area? The Melody Drive-In is still in business, offering its customers a look at a classic drive-in theater.












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