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Historic Sites Pacific Northwest


Union Station
Portland, OR
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

This famous Union Station is located in Portland, OR. The "Go By Train" lettering on the old clock tower is the catch phrase for the old time train depot. This Union Station was opened on February 14, 1896. 03-06






St Johns Bridge
Photos and info courtesy Jeff Ra0ber

Here's a couple of photos of St Johns Bridge (currently under renovation). This is a beautiful Gothic suspension bridge, one of the longest in the country.

(Near right) The bridge expanse

(Far right) close-up of the footing of the bridge.



Labor Temple
Seattle, WA
Photo courtesy Gorb70

Here's a photo of an old Seattle building. The Labor Temple features a deco front and neon lettering. 03-06



Pacific Central Station
Vancouver B.C.
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Pacific Central Station is the place to go for bus and rail service in Vancouver. Check out the neon lettering atop the station. 03-06



Old City Hall
Tacoma, WA
Photos courtesy Gorb70

Here's the old city hall and clock tower, located in Tacoma, WA. The old City Hall was constructed in 1893 and is now home to professional offices. More info here. 02-07










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