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Pantages Theatre
Vancouver, B.C.
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Vancouver, B.C. - The Pantages Theatre is a well known landmark located off of one of Vancouver's main drags, Hastings. Built, by Alexander Pantages, the Vancouver Pantages is the oldest surviving theatre in Vancouver according to the Heritage Vancouver Society.


Pantages Theatre (Demolished)
Vancouver, B.C.
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com


The Pantages Theatre in Vancouver B.C. is a historic sight to see when visiting town. Built in 1908, the Pantages is also the oldest surviving Pantages Theatre in North America. Unfortunately, the theatre closed its doors in 1994.

Despite its heritage, the Pantages has been threatened with demolition for the past several years. Even with the staunch support and advocacy from various organizations, including the Pantages Theatre Arts Society, demolition was approved and work has now begun tearing down the theatre, brick by brick. The arts society has dissolved itself after losing the battle with the city to save the theatre.

Vancouver has lost yet another significant reminder of its historic past. 06-11



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