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Roadside Diners Rocky Mountains


King's Chef Diner
Colorado Springs, CO
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

A local landmark, the King's Chef Diner is noteworthy for the purple castle in which it resides. But perhaps even more importantly, the King's Chef is well known for putting out great food and large portions since 1956. This Valentine pre-fabricated diner is roadside legend and well worth a stop the next time you're in Colorado Springs.




Davie's Chuck Wagon Diner
Denver, CO
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

Here's the marquee for Davie's Chuck Wagon Diner, located in Lakewood, CO near Denver. Davie's was built in 1957 and is well known in the area for the smiling character on the wagon. 11-07

UPDATE 02/10 : Here's another shot of the Davie's Chuck Wagon Diner sign as well as a look at the diner itself. Many thanks to Robin McCracken for photo update. 02-10


Davie's Chuck Wagon Diner
Denver, CO
Photo courtesy Robin McCracken



Chicken Hut Diner
Torrington, WY
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

Check out the rooftop sign for the Chicken Hut Diner in Torrington, WY. The chicken stands tall above the roadside below. 12-07









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