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Drive-in Theatres Florida


Fun-Lan Drive-in
Tampa, FL
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

Tampa, Florida is home to the Fun-Lan Drive-in Theatre. Still open in the Summer of 1999, the Fun-Lan features three screens.


UPDATE : The Fun-Lan, which opened January 10, 1950 is celebrating it's 50th year! Many thanks to Andy Callahan for information.


Terraserver Image of Fun-Lan
Courtesy Andy Callahan

Screen 2
Photo courtesy Andy Callahan

The entrance and ticket booth
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran


UPDATE 08/07 : The Fun-Lan Drive-in added a fourth screen in 2006. 08-07



Silver Moon Drive-in
Lakeland, FL
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

In Lakeland, Florida is the Silver Moon Drive-in Theatre. A real roadside find, the Silver Moon's screen tower is very unique.




Silver Moon Drive-in additional views
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

The Silver Moon originally opened up on April 14, 1948. Today, the Silver Moon frequently shows first run movies on its two screens. More info can be found at the Silver Moon website.


UPDATE 11/08 : Here's a close up look at the Silver Moon Drive-in lettering that's located at the top of the screen tower. Check out the neon moon character on the sign.

Many thanks to Alan Culley for photo update. 11-08

Silver Moon Drive-in screen lettering
Lakeland, FL
Photo courtesy Alan Culley





Pinellas Park Drive-in (Demolished)
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

A drive-in that has caught the Y2K frenzy is Pinellas Park. The ticket booth is fresh off a gondola ride with a wide wingspan to boot.

This drive-in, originally called the Stereo Drive-in, is open seasonally. Currently, the theatre shows religious themed movies and accepts donations for attendees. Many thanks to Budd Ballard for info.

Below are more photos of the Pinellas Park Drive-in Theatre. Unfortunately, the drive-in is now demolished.


UPDATE 06/04 : In 2002 this drive-in movie theater succumbed to development, and now a brand new Walmart Supercenter stands in its place. Many thanks to Brian Koepnick for this update. 06-04


Screen view
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

Ticket Booth
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

Pinellas Park
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran










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