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Liquor Store Signage Southeast

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Drive-in Liquors
Bowling Green, KY
Photo and info courtesy Bruce R. Cassi / 2005

Don't let the bright red & yellow colors of the Drive-in Liquors sign confuse you, it's not part of the Shell gas station next door that sports the same colors on their sign. Wow, and to think back to 2005 gas was only $2.17! 06-07



Windmill Beverages
Huntsville, AL
Photo and info courtesy Rick Ibsen

Windmill Beverages is a chain in the Huntsville, Alabama area. All of their stores (at least the ones I saw) feature this neon sign. 04-09



Big Jack Liquor
Boston, KY
Photo and info courtesy Kevin Newman

Here's a gem of a roadside sign found in the town of Boston, KY. Located off the "Bourbon Trail", Big Jack Liquor & Beer features a huge jug of a sign. This big jug is so tempting that Whitey and the Beaver would like the photographer to climb up and see what's inside. 11-09







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