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Other Roadside Signage Southeast


Dixie Pottery
Wytheville, VA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Dixie Pottery in Wytheville, VA still appears to feature original signage which the shapes and colors that date it back to decades past. 11-10



Hoffman Furniture
Mobile, AL
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

Check out this sign that graces the building at Hoffman Furniture Company. The neon letters really stand out as dusk starts to set on this overcast day. 12-10




Naman's Department Store
Mobile, AL
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

Naman's Department Store still features an old blade sign at this location in Mobile, AL. From the looks of this rather worn sign, the neon tubing has been stripped off for quite some time. 12-10



Big Daddy's Love Acts
New Orleans, LA
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

Bourbon Street in New Orleans is famous for being a nighttime hangout in the French Quarter. Home to various strip clubs, tourist shops, bars and restaurants, one of the most noteworthy signs is Big Daddy's "World Famous" Love Acts. At night the sign even lights up and flashes as Bourbon Street still flaunts its flavor of decadence. 12-10



Civic Building
New Orleans, LA
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

Here's a familiar sign to those that either live in or frequent New Orleans often. The Civic building is now home to Civic Lofts and Penthouses as the former warehouse has been adapted to reuse as a residential building. The old sign on the side of the building still calls out the words Civic. 12-10

(Far left) A view of the now converted lofts from down Baronne Street in New Orleans

(Near left) A closer look at the marquee



Marsh Stogies
Wheeling, W
Photo courtesy Jim Zahniser

In Wheeling, WV of Billy Joel's Piano Man fame is this rooftop sign for Marsh Stogies. The factory is closed and available but the sign lives on.06-14












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