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Other Roadside Signage Southeast


The Pipe Corner
Atlanta, GA
Photo and info courtesy Paul Bauke

The Pipe Corner and this relic of a sign is located in downtown Atlanta, GA. The sign remains, but the building is now a convenience store. 04-09



Majestic Shoe Repair
Atlanta, GA
Photo and info courtesy Paul Bauke

Check out the old sign for the Majestic Shoe Repair in Atlanta, GA. Although the sign for the Majestic is still visibly in good condition, the the site is now home to a deli. Another of Atlanta's old trade businesses has moved on. 04-09



16th Street Baptist Church
Birmingham, AL
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Check out this neon sign at the 16th St. Baptist Church in downtown Birmingham, AL. The sign itself appears to be in pristine condition. 04-09



Ridout's Funeral Home
Homewood, AL
Photo and info courtesy Paul Bauke

Ridout's Funeral Home and this fully lit neon sign is a funeral home located in Homewood, a suburb of Birmingham. 04-09




Wheaten Printing Co.
Birmingham, AL
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

This old sign is found at the Wheaten Printing Co. in downtown Birmingham, AL. From the looks of this marquee, it appears that the Wheaten business has been around for decades. 04-09



Modern Living Furniture
Louisville, KY
Photo courtesy Kevin Newman

Check out this old sign at the Modern Living Furniture store in Louisville, KY. From the looks of it, the neon has long been gone from this sign and the bulbs have popped off the gold arrow. Not sure if this place is still in business these days. 05-09



Dixie Pottery
Wytheville, VA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Dixie Pottery in Wytheville, VA still appears to feature original signage which the shapes and colors that date it back to decades past. 11-10



Hoffman Furniture
Mobile, AL
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

Check out this sign that graces the building at Hoffman Furniture Company. The neon letters really stand out as dusk starts to set on this overcast day. 12-10











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