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Petrol Pumps California Desert


Oasis Station
Palm Desert, CA
Photo and info courtesy Bill Herzog

The Oasis Station was a famous roadside fixture on 86 back in the 60's and 70's. This sign used be all lit up in neon at night. When we used to drive to San Filipe Baja at night you could see this place for miles. It was beautiful. They pulled the great old pumps back in 1999. 06-06



Brawley, CA
Photo and info courtesy Bill Herzog

This Texaco is located on the plaza in Brawley. It used to be a drive thru service station. Today, they sell flowers under the canopy. 06-06



Gas Station Niland CAGas Station (Gone)
Niland, CA
Photo and info courtesy Scott Broadhurst

Niland, CA near the Salton Sea is home to this abandoned gas station. Or at least it used to be home. This gas station is gone. 09-10








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