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Roadside Cafes California Desert


Ludlow Cafe (Closed)
Ludlow, CA
Photo courtesy Mark Regester

Located in the Route 66 town of Ludlow is the historic Ludlow Cafe. Once a prime eating place in town, the skeleton of this old building has been creaking apart slowly over the years. 07-05




Gaston's Cafe (Demolished)
Niland, CA
Photos and info courtesy Bill Herzog

Here is Gaston's Cafe on old Highway 111 in Niland, CA. The old cafe was once a haven for hunters, fishermen and truckers. Old man gaston died a few years back and the diner mysteriously burned down. Now, all that's left is the sign. 05-08

(Far right) A close-up shot of the marquee at Gaston's Cafe on old Highway 111

(Near right) A look at the cafe sign and the highway running through Niland



Village Cafe Barstow CAThe Village Cafe
Barstow, CA
Photo courtesy John King

Check out this sign for The Village Cafe in Barstow, CA. This old sign along Route 66 is hard to read at times, but the cafe is known for its good Chinese food. 09-10









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