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Other Roadside Signage California Desert


Valerie Jean Dates
alm Desert, CA
Photo and info courtesy Bill Herzog

Here's the Valerie Jean Dates sign in Palm Desert. The elaborate neon is all gone but the memories live on. I'll guess they embraced the old signage as we all did. 06-06



Jensen's Gardens
Palm Springs, CA
Photo courtesy G.M. Panter Photography

This old roadside location is for Jensen's Gardens in the Palm Springs area. 06-06



Photo Studio
Palm Springs, CA
Photo courtesy G.M. Panter Photography

Here's a shot of an old dilapidated photo studio in Palm Springs. Today, the studio is long gone. 06-06



Wilke Machine
Brawley, CA
Photo courtesy Bill Herzog

Here's an old sign for Wilke Machine and Auto Parts. Not sure what the name of the current business is though. 06-06



Two Palms Market
Brawley, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Here's an old sign outside of this market in Brawley, CA. The Two Palms Market appears to have serving the areas for years from the looks of the sign. 10-08



Shoshone, CA
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

Out in the desert on the outskirts of the Death Valley National Park stands this sign saying "crowbar". The sign bakes in the hot sun with paint continuously fading as it ominously points the way to a location nearby. 11-10








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