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Golden Era Shops Northern California


Sherman Clay & Co.
San Francisco, CA
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

This old sign for Sherman Clay still sits on the side of this building in San Francisco.



D.R. Woodard Cleaner
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

This vintage sign for D.R. Woodard Cleaner & Dyer is a neon sign from the early 20th Century. The marquee is a streamline design ... plus how many signs advertise "dyers" these days?




Martin's Gymnasium Equipment Co. (Demolished)
Emeryville, CA
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Check out the streamline front of the Martin's Gymnasium Equipment Co. in Emeryville, CA. Unfortunately, like most of the other roadside worthy establishments in Emeryville, this business may also have been demolished.



TV Sign
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

The TV sign is a throwback to the days when appliance and TV repair duties belonged to the neighborhood repairman. 04-06



Food Fair
Vacaville, CA
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

This old grocery store called the Food Fair is housed in an old building that draws reminders to the day when Whitefront and Market Basket were still major stores. This Food Fair is located in Vacaville, CA. 09-08







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