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Auto Shops Southern California


Gil's Mufflers
Northridge, CA
Photo and info courtesy Jim Rowe

Here's the old sign for Gil's Mufflers, which has been in business since 1955. Gil's is located on Roscoe Blvd just east of Reseda in Northridge.

in 1958, old man Gil put a set of glass packs on my '57 Ford Fairlane for $50 and
torched the front springs for $2 each. In 1998, Gil's Son was still running the place and put a set of glass packs on my '62 Ranchero ... for $350. 11-08



Werk Bros Garage PasadenaWerk Bros Garage
Pasadena, CA
Photo courtesy John King

Here's a shot of what looks to be an old sign at the Werk Bros Garage in Pasadena, CA. 09-10



Hiway House Motel Albuquerque NMBells & Vaughn
Pasadena, CA
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

The Bells & Vaughn collision center in Pasadena has been serving the public since 1946. Check out the old sign out front which is eye-catching on its own. 11-10










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