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Hollywood Theatres Southern California

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Hollywood Palladium
Hollywood, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Nearby is the Hollywood Palladium Theatre, famous for hosting special acts including Frank Sinatra. The Palladium used to house concerts and stage shows. One of the best parts of the theatre is the distinctive signage with rotating top.


UPDATE 11/10 : The Hollywood Palladium sign was all but gone as of November 24. The sign is now down to the studs and the rotating portion on top of the marquee is gone. Many thanks to Jeff Matsuno for update. 11-10

UPDATE 12/10 : The sign is not stripped down. They finished redoing the old sign a couple of years ago. The Palladium redid its sign to look like it did when it first opened in 1940. The photos below show what it looked like during and after the remodel. Many thanks to Scott Broadhurst for update and photos below. 12-10


Hollywood Palladium as of 7/12/08
Photo courtesy Scott Broadhurst

Hollywood Palladium as of 12/25/09
Photo courtesy Scott Broadhurst







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