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Roadside Peek Hawaii


Naalehu Theatre
Naalehu, HI
Photo and info courtesy Jason Kambitsis

Here is the "southernmost" theater in the U.S.  The Naalehu Theater is located on the big island of Hawaii.  It is in the southernmost town in the entire U.S. 08-06



Fisherman's Wharf Restaurant
Honolulu, HI
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Waikiki is known as a real tourist trap for those venturing to Oahu. Also found in Waikiki is the Fisherman's Wharf Restaurant and its brightly lit up neon sign. 12-06




Like Like Drive-in
Honolulu, HI
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Hungry for something to eat? Well stop by the Like Like Drive-inn in Honolulu and grab a bowl of saimin. Yep, nothing like some hot saimin or a spam musubi on a cold fall night on the town. 12-06






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