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Historic Sites Nevada
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Historic Wells Nevada


White Horse Inn
McDermitt, NV
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Welcome to the White Horse Inn of McDermitt, NV. The inn was owned and operated by Clara Lovejoy Baber back in the early 1900's. Word on the street is that the White Horse also operated as a saloon and brothel.


UPDATE 07/08 : The Whitehorse Inn is opening as a lapadary store. My husband White Buffalo bought it and has some cool plans for it. Many thanks to Kit for update. 07-08

UPDATE 07/08 : According to the new owner , plans are to renovate the building,which will house ,"White Buffalo rock+gem shop" with healing and mystical stones and creations. "The white Horse school of hard rocks, "teaching about the Earth and what we find on it and turn it into a masterpiece of art, lapidary, silver and gold jewelry. There is a 23 room hotel on second floor, with 10 rooms available for long term lease. On the Oregon side (the border goes through the building) for spring school classes.

For the western and native American culture, we are developing 5 acres of White Horse Township land, to a year round western and teepee village for the Asian and European tourist trade and American vacationers. We will be hosting a 5-7 day Disaster Peak journey going back into time on horse back, meeting cowboy's, hostile Indian attacks, Basque and buckaroo camp with chuck wagon meals and to finish. For more information, contact joe@whitehorsetownship.com. Many thanks to White Buffalo for update. 07-08



Rhyolite, NV
Photo courtesy Chris & Ginger

Just the front facade is left of this Bank building. 07-07



Bottle House
Rhyolite, NV
Photo courtesy Chris & Ginger

The Bottle House in Rhyolite was built in 1906 and was subsequently restored by Paramount Pictures in 1925. 07-07



Train Station
Rhyolite, NV
Photo courtesy Chris & Ginger

Once upon a time, trains used to stop here at at this Train Station in Rhyolite. 07-07



Rhyolite, NV
Photo courtesy Chris & Ginger

The Rhyolite Mercantile has sold any dry good for a good many years now. 07-07



Meat Market
Wells, NV
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Check out the Meat Market in the historic town of Wells, NV. Wells is a Nevada town that features an old historic downtown. Unfortunately, much of the historic Front Street was lost during an earthquake.

See more at Roadside Peek's Spotlight on Historic Wells Nevada. 03-08








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