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Other Roadside Signage Nevada


Anderson Dairy (Gone)
Las Vegas, NV
Photo courtesy Allen Sandquist

Vegas is home to some real eye-catching roadside signage. See many of them here at Roadside Peek's Other Roadside Signage Las Vegas.



Reno Arch
Reno, NV
Photo and info courtesy Steve Jones

This old Reno Arch now on Lake St. was located on Virginia St. and was the second arch constructed(1934-1963). It owes it's existence to the producers of the movie "COBB." They found it in a city storage yard, restored and set it up on Fourth St. to shoot a scene for the movie, set in the 1940s. When they finished filming, the city said "Hey, thanks for restoring that for us," took it back, and it eventually wound up in it's present location.

The third arch(1964-1987) now welcomes visitors to the city of Willits in northern California, except of course, with their name now on the arch.



Standard Market
McGill, NV
Photo courtesy Allen Sandquist

Here's a shot taken in 1995 of the Standard Market in McGill, NV. Grab some liquor and pick up some toys while here. Hmm... liquor and toys.



River Belle Trailer Park
Verde, NV
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This sign for the River Belle Trailer Park is a familiar sight out in Verde, NV. Check out the bright eye-catching colors on this sin as well as the image of something on the middle top of the sign in blue.







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