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La Concha Motel
Las Vegas, NV

Here's one of the most famous Vegas motels of all... the La Concha Motel. This conch lookin' place still features a googie building and sign, though the marquee lost its top a few years back. The La Concha opened back in 1961 and was designed by Paul Williams who also was the architect for the LAX Theme Building and Beverly Hills Hotel among others.

The La Concha prior to demolition (November 2003)
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com


UPDATE 07/06 : The La Concha building was torn down in December 2003. The sign was replaced with a plastic rectangular sign advertising something else a year or so later. All that's left right now is the darkened lobby. The latest word is that the Las Vegas Neon Museum has raised sufficient funds to move save and move the lobby to their site to be used as a welcome lobby. 07-06


The conch shaped lobby
Photo courtesy Jill & Chad Halverson

The interior view
Photo courtesy Jill & Chad Halverson

Gift shop inside
Photo courtesy Jill & Chad Halverson


UPDATE 12/07 : Here's a photo from the 1st of December of the La Concha Motel marquee all framed up and ready to be moved. Many thanks to Lynne Rostochil for photo update. 12-07

La Concha Motel ready for transport
Lynne Rotoschil




Below was the text from a posting to Preservation Alley in 2004.

Las Vegas, NV --- A Vegas legend soon to depart.

Traveling down the Vegas strip these days, shadows of the old Vegas legends are felt. Not just the Rat Pack crooning as the wind howls by near the site of the former Sands, nor the wail of the Landmark toppling over, but the cry of yet another Vegas landmark. Yes, Virginia, the La Concha is meeting the end of the road.

La Concha
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran


The La Concha Hotel fell to the wrecking ball on December 11, 2003. Once a stop for many celebrities, including Ronald Reagan in its years of operation since opening in 1961, the La Concha faced an ending with little fanfare. Designed by noted architect Paul Revere Williams who is known for LAX and the Ambassador Hotel in the Los Angeles area, the La Concha is a favorite roadside treasure to see while in Vegas.

With the end of the El Morocco Hotel next door with even its old marquee not deemed worthy to be spared from the backlit plastic terror, not much is left at the northern end of the strip. Yes, there's the Stardust and Sahara. The Riviera still sits next door. The Peppermill still stands for now. But little else...



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