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Here are more photos from the Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO) neon sign graveyard of Las Vegas.

Check out some of the photos at Roadside Peek's Neon Museum Gallery 1 and Neon Museum Gallery 2, courtesy Michele Kotlarsky.


Wedding Chapel
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

Looks like the marquee for some sort of wedding chapel.

The "Big W" on the far left side of this image is from the Showboat that used to grace Fremont Street. The Hotel/Casino has now become the Castaways. Many thanks to Jay Lin for photo and to Jim Emory and Allen Sandquist for their knowledge in solving the "Big W" mystery.



Silver Slipper and Aladdin Lamp
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

Spotted! The Silver Slipper and original Aladdin Lamp.






Royal Nevada
Postcard courtesy Jim Emory (right)


Well, see the crown on the rooftop in the postcard to the right? It is off of the Royal Nevada which used to sit next to the Stardust in the mid 50's. It has been sitting in the graveyard for over 45 years, and has made the move all three times that they (YESCO) have relocated the yard. Many thanks to Jim Emory for solving the "crown" puzzle and for info above.



Sassy Sally's
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

Remember Sassy Sally's on Fremont Street? Well, here's the marquee.



Binion's Horseshoe
Photo courtesy Michele Kotlarsky

Here's the old Binion's Horseshoe sign next to what appears to be an object from the old Aladdin.



El Portal/China Cafe
Photo courtesy Michele Kotlarsky

In the front is a discarded sign from the El Portal in downtown. What's interesting is the sign behind the El Portal with the character from the China Garden Cafe. Was there also a China Garden Cafe in the Vegas area? If so, where was it?

There's also a China Garden Cafe in Cedar City, UT which was seen first-hand a year or so ago. A fellow traveler also contributed this photo found here.



Las Vegas Club
Photo courtesy Michele Kotlarsky

This old sign used to grace the Las Vegas Club on Fremont Street.



Jerry's Nugget
Photo courtesy Michele Kotlarsky

Check out this discarded sign from the Jerry's Nugget of North Las Vegas.



Photo courtesy Michele Kotlarsky

An old Denny's sign sits in the lot of the Neon Graveyard.








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