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Big Tex
Texas State Fair, Dallas TX
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December 2, 2012 - The roadside icon Big Tex was destroyed on October 19, 2012 when a fire broke out around his right boot area and engulfed his big ol' frame. As they say, "everything is big in Texas" and Big Tex is no slouch, standing 52 feet tall with a 75 gallon hat and 50 pound belt buckle. This metal cowboy was built in 1949 as a Santa Claus then moved to the fairgrounds as Big Tex in 1952

Source: Tulsa World

Big Tex will be rebuilt by next year and be "bigger and better for the 21st Century"

- Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings


Big Tex
Texas State Fair
Photo courtesy Alan M

Here's a shot of the Big Tex during happier times, greeting visitors to the Texas State Fair with his trademark "Howdy Folks".

Word is Big Tex will be rebuilt and back for the 2013 state fair.




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