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Roadside Peek East
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This special section of Roadside Peek contains photos of roadside attractions in the Northeast. Roadside Peek East originated from the extensive and unique roadside photo collection of Mark Hackett and his sidekick Steve Felder. Now, let's sneak a peek at the East and some of its places of interest. And yes, don't forget to check back here from time to time to see these roadside treasures.


Astroland, Coney Island
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Interested in seeing some of the amusement park favorites, including some of the most unique signage and buildings anywhere? Then stop by Amusement Parks East section and marvel at some of the East Coast's finest.



XXX Root Beer
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Many roadside eateries can be found while traveling down the highway. From diners (see above) to coffee shops, to even root beer stands, hungry motorists will stop for a bite to eat at some time or another. Check out Eateries East and see some of the delectable delights of the East.



Allegany Drive-in
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Drive-in movie theatres are beginning to go bye-bye throughout the country. Catch a glimpse of Drive-ins East and watch the only picture show where you can enjoy the outdoors and a movie at the same time.



Gunn's Corner Motel
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

A weary traveler will always need a place to stay for a good night's rest. Some of the motels in the U.S. sport great signage. Sneak a peek at Motels East for some of the more unique ones around. Just don't get sleepy while visiting.



Motel DeSoto
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

Check out some fantastic neon signage from the East, here at Roadside Peek's Neon East.



Photo courtesy Louis Di Fazio

Interested in old historical building and retro-looking sites of the East? Then sneak a peek at Retrolook East for a glimpse at the best of the East before they become "bygone."



Trumpeteer, Bedford PA
Photo courtesy Moon Mullins OX-76

Looking for a few Roadside treasures that are east of the Rocky Mountains? Then shoot over to Roadside Icons East. Visit the "Trumpeteer". Or say hi to the "Indian on Horse." Or just visit anyway. Check back often for new material.



TWA Terminal - JFK Airport
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The TWA Flight Center opened in 1962 and funneled public traffic for almost 40 years. However, with the demise of Trans World Airlines (TWA), the terminal shut down in 2001 and has been vacant since. See more at Roadside Peek's Roadside Architecture East.



Bilow Liquor
Photo courtesy Moon Mullins OX-76

Ever find yourself driving along a road when all of a sudden something catches your eye and you almost drive off into a ditch? What did you see? Yes, a Roadside Sign. This Roadside Signage East section contains unique ones from the East. Visit often, new updates to be coming soon.



Hollywood Theatre
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Yes, walk-in theatres are a mainstay of the roadside. These single-screeners often exhibit lavish accommodations. However, other theatre's idea of lavish settings may be an extra-large cupholder. Check out Theatre East for a look-see.



Photo courtesy Jay Lin

See the old car dealerships of the mid-century and others at Roadside Peek's Automobile Alley East.



Echo Lanes
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Yes, bowling alleys are everywhere. But here at the millennium, these venerable wooden alleys are starting to slowly roll by the wayside. Some of the best signage around is found at a ten-pin alley. Stop by Ten Pin Alley East and enjoy a look at how bowling is done in the East.










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