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Amusement Parks East


Storybook Land
Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Looking for a storybook themed fun park based upon nursery rhymes and childhood stories? Well, Storybook Land is the place. Check out the marquee and entrance way in this photo. For more information on the park, see the Storybook Land website.




Photo courtesy Steve Felder

The KonTiki featured here is located at Six Flags New England. A nice tiki ride over in MA.


Fast Eddie's Diner
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Six Flags New England also features a vintage diner. Here is Fast Eddie's Diner.





Camden Park
Huntington, WV
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

A great amusement park to visit while in Huntington, West Virginia is Camden Park (not to be confused with Camden Yards, the baseball park).

Open since 1903, Camden is home to the wooden Big Dipper roller coaster. Visitors speculate on what is better, the great colorful carnival-like sign or the thrilling ride itself.

Rumors state that this park is just "barely hanging on", so if you'd like to see a great sign (and ride a classic wooden coaster while you're at it), stop by Camden soon.

Thunderbolt Express
Camden Park
Photo courtesy John Salvatore


UPDATE 01/02 : Rumors now persist that the park will be adding a new coaster to replace the Thunderbolt Express... which was called, "The Screamin' Demon" when it was at Kings Island. 01-02


Neon at bottom of sign
Camden Park
Photo courtesy John Salvatore

Yes, below the Camden Park clown is hidden neon! From top to bottom, the neon signs say: Rides / Picnic / Fun for All. Many thanks to John Salvatore for Camden Park update.


UPDATE 06/07 : The white advertisement sign that had once covered the lower portion of the sign for many years has been removed during the 2005 season to reveal 3 smaller neon signs underneath the clowns feet. 06-07

Camden Park
Photo courtesy Bruce R. Cassi / 2005










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