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Automobile Alley
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Classic Car
Seligman, AZ
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Now what came before the automobile? Horse and buggy? Earth shoes? The automobile has defined the modern lifestyle in much the same way as the ol' Bunsen burner.



Swooping Union 76
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Automobiles have been a part of the Southern Californian car culture for decades. And what better way to reflect on the automobile era than to take a peek at one of the declining icons of yesterday, the old Petrol Pumps. With their definite "space age" modernistic architecture, these old petrol stations remind all of the days when the traveling like the "Jetsons" seemed like a sure bet before the millennium. Well, at least electric cars are almost here. Check them out here at Roadside Peek's Petrol Pumps.



Car Wash
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Another icon whose googie and boomerang architecture is on its last legs is the classic Car Wash. Although these relics of the past still dot the local landscape, will they soon go the way of the drive-in theatre, only to be replaced by low overhead hand-wash sites? Will recent taxes on these "past futuristic" finned dinosaurs finally spell doom? Only time will tell. See them here at Roadside Peek's Retro Car Washes.



Santee Drive-in and Swap meet
Santee, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

At Roadside Peek's Drive-in Theatres, check out the open air theatres that are still open to the public. Or see the abandoned drive-ins that only exist in memory. Now showing: Drive-ins of California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Florida, Ohio, and other states of the East.



Felix Chevrolet
Los Angeles, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

In the not too distant past, auto dealerships competed for the consumer's interest by showcasing their cars in snazzy space-age state-of-the-art buildings. Others utilized huge signs to achieve the same. Check out RoadsidePeek's Auto Dealerships section for a look at some of these.



Pep Boys
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

If you have an automobile, you will auto problems. Here at Roadside Peek's Auto Shops and Muffler Parts, see some of the more unique automotive repair shops in town. From the spectacularly painted-out building of El Pedorrero to the "Tomorrowland" look of Mr. Auto, auto shops hold their own in this land of googie-ism.






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