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Drive-in Theatres
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Nothing in Roadside Peek has gone through as much tumultuous change in the last 10 years as the land of the open-air big screens. Yes, the venerable drive-in theatre. Thanks to a VCR and now DVD/Blue Ray player in every household and multiplex-cinemas at every corner featuring stadium style seating, the drive-in movie theatre may soon become mentioned in the same breath as Blue Chip Stamp redemption locations and neighborhood skate board parks. "A good thing in its time, but ..." As we near the end of the 1st decade of the 21st century, the number of locations left standing are becoming fewer and fewer.


Hi-way 39 Drive-in
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

At one time, Orange County, California had many drive-in theatres to choose from. Well, like many remnants of decades past, drive-ins in this region have all disappeared. But you can still see them once more, here at Roadside Peek's Southern California Drive-ins.



Geneva Drive-in
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Northern California area still contains a multitude of drive-ins. Unfortunately, many have closed in the last few years. Looks like the strip mall bug is enveloping the area covered in Roadside Peek's Northern California Drive-Ins.



Hi-Way Drive-in
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Some say that Southern and Northern California get all the fun. Others say that the Sunshine State's midsection is the best place to be. In either case, Roadside Peek's Central California Drive-Ins shows that the mid-state area still packs muscle when it comes to classic ozoners.



Las Vegas Drive-in
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Southwestern states possess jewels of their own. Including open-air theatres! At Roadside Peek's Southwest Drive-Ins, visit some of the Southwest's finest drive-in theatre treasures.



Greater Pittsburgh Five Drive-in
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Next is Roadside Peek's Drive-Ins East. This roadside theatre section features drive-ins galore. But alas, many are no longer standing or have become threatened in recent years.



Dixie Drive-in
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

How about Roadside Peek's Drive-ins Midwest. Check out drive-ins here that are both open and closed.



Winchester Drive-in
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

See the drive-in theatres of the central states or Great Plains region here at Roadside Peek's Drive-in Theatres Great Plains.



Silver Moon Drive-in
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

And last, but certainly not least, is Roadside Peek's Florida Drive-Ins. Featuring the finest of the Florida peninsula, this section will attempt to take you where Disney World thus far does not... a drive-in!
28th Street Drive-in



Comanche Drive-in Theatre
Photo courtesy Mike Lascuola

How about the drive-in ozoners of the Rocky Mountains. Well, see some here at Roadside Peek's Drive-in Theatres Rocky Mountains.



Valley 6 Drive-in TheaterValley 6 Drive-in Theatre
Auburn, WA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Valley 6 Drive-in Theatre opened up for business in 1968. Apparently, despite the name Valley "6", the drive-in now only has 5 operating screens after one of the towers was damaged in a storm. Check out this drive-in and see others from the Pacific Northwest at where else but Drive-in Theatres Pacific Northwest.



State Line Drive-in TheaterState Line Drive-in Theatre
Elizabethton, TN
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

The State Line Drive-in Theatre opened in Elizabethton, TN in 1947. The State Line shows open air movies from April through September each year. Check this one out and more from the Southeast at Drive-in Theatres Southeast.



Apache Drive-in Marquee Tucson AZThe Apache Drive-in Theatre was one of the last of the many Tucson Drive-ins to close down. The drive-in itself closed in 1994, but not without leaving memories of the big screener behind. See photos of this drive-in and other Arizona favorites at Drive-in Theatres Arizona.

Apache Drive-in Theater
Tucson, AZ
Photo courtesy George Cohn



Motor Vu Drive-in Theatre
Imperial, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Whew, what is that smell? On a hot, humid evening in Imperial, California, the Motor Vu Drive-in Theatre sits and waits for its first car. And sits. And waits even more. Was it the putrid smell, or the high humidity? Find out more and see other drive-ins from the area at Drive-in Theatres California Desert.



Roper Drive-in Fallon NVRoper Drive-in Theatre
Fallon, NV
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Here's an old abandoned drive-in screen tower, literally on its last legs. Another of the Southwest's drive-in entertainment centers will return to the tumbleweeds. Check out more of these ozoners at Drive-in Theatres Nevada.



Mission 4 Drive-in TheatreMission 4 Drive-in Theatre (Partially Demolished)
San Antonio, TX
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Mission 4 Drive-in Theatre is a familiar sight to those traveling through the South Side of San Antonio, TX. Unfortunately, the Mission closed for good in 2007 and is now in the process of being partially demolished. Check out more drive-ins from Texas at Drive-in Theatres Texas.



Sunset Drive-inSunset Drive-in Theatre marquee
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Looking for a drive-in in the New Mexico area? Well, there are still a few remaining. See them at Drive-in Theatres New Mexico.






As you visit these still open theatres, you are constantly reminded that the next time you're in the area, you may be buying a wrench or screwdriver at the very same spot as your radio listening post. Very strange!








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