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Coffee Shops and Eats
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To the worn traveler, Coffee Shops and Drive-in Diners have been old friends for many years.


Henry's Hamburgers
Photo courtesy Chibbqking

Off the road, there always to be a burger joint available. Check out the eye-catching ones at Roadside Peek's Burger Joints.



Ships Coffee Shop
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

Who hasn't stopped by an old Coffee Shop to rejuvenate after traveling for many hours? Unique architecture and signage can be found at just about every one of these old coffee shops. Sneak a peek at them now here at Roadside Peek's Coffee Shops before they become just a memory.

For those of you interested in the countertop classics of yesteryear, check out Roadside Peek's Coffee Shop Classics. From the Astro Family Restaurant to Wholesome Foods, this classic section is a must see visit.



Best Cafe
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Drive-in Diners have made a comeback of sorts in recent years for many that long for the romantic car culture diners of yesterday. See more sights like this at Roadside Peek's Roadside Diners.



Sambo's Restaurant
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

Favorite Sit Down Restaurants such as Dinah's Chicken have graced the local landscape for years. Don't forget to order the extra chicken leg with your meal. Or check out the downtown Los Angeles Clifton's Cafeteria that was once such a popular dining spot. Find these where else but Roadside Peek's Sit Down Restaurants.



Lanai Bar
Photo courtesy Michael Campbell

Many of the eateries across the USA get new life when the sun goes down and the neon begins humming. See some of the neon delights at Roadside Peek's Neon Eateries.



Brolly Hut
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

By the same token, Fast Food sites have whetted our appetite for years. Located in this section are the grease spoons that are basically local in nature. Many of these one site wonders have attracted customers by promoting a unique look, food, or setting. Unfortunately, for all of the fast food locations that catch success, another grease joint folds. See more at Roadside Peek's Fast Food Joints.



The Donut Hole
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

Ready for a late night snack or early morning munch? Grab a donut with sprinkles or chocolate chip ice cream in our Snacks and Stuff section. There are many donut shops in the area with humongous round things with holes sitting conspicuously on their roofs. Just a few of the interesting sites to see while visiting the 'Peek at Roadside Peek's Snacks and Stuff.



Shanghai Low Restaurant
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

Some of the most classic roadside signs and interesting eateries come from Foods of the Orient. Here, check out the Mee Heng Low Restaurant and other delights. So take a stop along the highway and check out Roadside Peek's Foods of the Orient.



El Gordo Restaurant
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Looking to check out a good Mexican Food Cafe? Well, don't forget to drop by and see what's up at Roadside Peek's Mexican Food Cafes.





Little Pietro's Pizza
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

Always a good choice for a snack or meal, Pizza Pubs are also a good choice for roadside signage. See these at Roadside Peek's Pizza Pubs.



Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

Looking for a stop after work to capture a good sign like Boos and relax? Then check out Roadside Peek's Roadside Taverns and indulge.





White Palace Cafe
Photo courtesy Steve/Back on Tack

A good stop on the road to stretch legs and grab a hot meal can be a roadside cafe. See examples of what you can find on the road at Roadside Peek's Roadside Cafes.



Circus Drive-in
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

The old drive-in eateries are usually worth a stop, not just for convenience, but because many of them have become legends over time. See some of the favorites here at Roadside Peek's Drive-in Eateries.



Dog House
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Sometimes racing the sun while on a road trip means no stopping at the fancy restaurant in town. In times like this, there's no beating a local hot dog stand favorite. See some of them at Roadside Peek's Avenue of the Dogs.







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