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Historical Hotels Great Plains


Muskogee Hotel
Muskogee, OK
Photo courtesy Charles Brock

Here's a close-up look at the Muskogee Hotel sign that looks to date from the pre-war era.






Camelot Hotel
Tulsa, OK
Photo courtesy Chris King

Just off the I-44 in Tulsa, Oklahoma is the Camelot Hotel and its eye-catching rooftop sign. This hearkens back to the day when rooftop signage were all the rage.


UPDATE 06/07 : The Tulsa Camelot Hotel is scheduled to be demolished in August 2007.  The hotel is located right along the I-44. Plans are for the Castle to be leveled for a new Quik Trip  (7-11) type convenience store. Quik Trip just bought the Camelot for $2 million and is preparing it for demolition. Local polls taken show that 85% of Tulsans do not want to see her taken down.

To keep this landmark from going under, contact the local newspaper at Letters@Tulsaworld.com  as well as the Mayor Tulsa's action line email address MAC@cityoftulsa.com. Many thanks to Chris King for update. 06-07




Larned, KS
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

This old faded out sign stands in front of this hotel in the Great Plains area. Located in Kansas, the forlorn motel is a relatively well known and familiar sight to folks passing through Larned. 11-10

(Far left) The close up look of the hotel marquee

(Near left) The hotel as it stands at this street corner








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