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Retrolook Great Plains
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Muskogee Hotel
Photo courtesy Charles Brock

Here's an old roadside sign for the Muskogee Hotel. See other historical hotels and their signage at Roadside Peek's Historical Hotels Great Plains.



Photo courtesy Chris King

See some of the old shops from the golden era at Roadside Peek's Golden Era Shops Great Plains.



Tulsa Motel
Tulsa, OK
Postcard and info courtesy Chris King

The Tulsa Motel was a mile west of the Rose Bowl on Route 66.  How many places now offer a personal garage along with the room these days? See this and more at Roadside Peek's Vintage Postcards Great Plains. 12-06



Boston Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church
Tulsa, OK
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Boston Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church was built between 1924-1929 as a art deco delight in Tulsa. The 225 foot tall church was designed by a team that included noted architect Bruce Goff. The church was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. For more churches and institutions, see Roadside Peek's Roadside Institutions Great Plains. 08-17







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