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Roadside Attractions Great Plains


Corn Palace
Mitchell, SD
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

South Dakota is home to the Mitchell Corn Palace. Serving as an entertainment venue, the Corn Palace is a must see attraction for travelers passing through Mitchell. The corn palace was built in 1892 in part to encourage people to settle into town.

A festival is held each year at the end of August at the Corn Palace. The corn murals are also redesigned with a new theme each year.



Wall Drug Store
Wall, SD
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

A famous roadside attraction that's been around since the Depression years, the Wall Drug Store is known for its signs advertising its free ice water to thirsty travelers.


UPDATE 03/07 : When you talk about roadside landmarks, many come to mind. One of the most famous is Ted Hustead's Wall Drug Store in Wall, SD. Known for providing free ice water to thirsty travelers, Wall Drug has been the roadside stop of choice of many a travelers since Wall Drug opened in 1931. More info can be found at the Wall Drug site. 03-07


Wall Drug Store in January 2004
Wall, SD
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Wall Drug Store parking area
Wall, SD
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Wall Drug Store from the 1950's
Wall, SD
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss



Totem Pole
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

This Totem Pole located off Route 66 near Tulsa, OK is the largest one of a group of totem poles. A very interesting site indeed.



Garden of Eden
Lucas, KS
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

Here's the Garden of Eden of Lucas, Kansas. At this location, there are many biblical references. S.P. Dinsmoor's worked on this location for over 20 years and the Garden is on the National Register of Historic Places.



The Enchanted Highway
Gladstone, ND
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Enchanted Highway in Gladstone, North Dakota is quite a off the path trip. The round trip along this highway is about 100 miles with sights along the way. A huge sculpture/figure will show up every few miles along Interstate 94.

The grasshoppers and pheasant shown in these three photos are just a few of the folk art figures that line the highway. So, next time you're in the area, you may wish to take a trip down the Enchanted Highway. 06-06

For more information on world's largest metal sculpture by artist Gary Greff, check out the EnchantedHighway.net site.








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