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Roadside Giants Great Plains


Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

Pocahontas staring out solemnly in Iowa.



Albert the Bull
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

The famous Albert the Bull makes his home in Iowa. Well, maybe a cow...



Blue Whale
Catoosa, OK
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

Catoosa, OK... home to the famous Blue Whale. Supposedly built as a birthday gift, this friendly moby lives solo on an isolated private lake.



Sandhill Crane
Steele, ND
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Travel down I-94 in Steele, ND and you'll eventually across a rather tall bird off the side of the road. Actually, you'll now meet "Sandy" the world's largest sandhill crane. This crane is about 40ft in height and promotes the area as one of the best birding destinations around.



Red Bull
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

Another roadside delight, this Red Bull can be found just off the Mother Road in Oklahoma.

Check out the red mane on this figure.



Jamestown, ND
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's a huge buffalo, located in Jamestown, ND. This huge behemoth of an animal may be the world's largest buffalo for those of you that enjoy seeing these huge beings.



Salem Sue
New Salem, ND
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Welcome to New Salem, ND and the world's largest cow. Salem Sue was put in place in 1974 as a symbol to the dairy industry and is visible from the roadside for miles.



Wahpeton, ND
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Kidder Dam Recreation Area in Wahpeton, ND is home to the world's largest catfish. Check out the scale of "Wahpper", the huge catfish in the photo in the left. Seeing highway sculptures like this is what make traveling the road great.



The Enchanted Highway
Gladstone, ND
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Enchanted Highway in Gladstone, North Dakota is quite a off the path trip. The round trip along this highway is about 100 miles with sights along the way. A huge sculpture/figure will show up every few miles along Interstate 94.










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