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neon signage great plains


West Side Flower Shop
Wichita, KS
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

This nice neon sign is for the West Side Flower Shop of Wichita, Kansas. This neon rose could be seen from quite a ways down the street.



Bell's Amusement Park
Tulsa, OK
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Check out this huge sign for the Bell's Amusement Park in Tulsa, OK. With this sign beaming out at you, who can resist?

Here's a shot of Bell's by day.




Louis Supermarket
Omaha, NE
Photo and info courtesy David Johnson

Looking for a vintage grocery store with an intact old marquee. Then take a visit to the Louis Supermarket in Omaha, Nebraska. There is only one Louis in Omaha, but it and several other stores here with different names are either part of a distributor franchise or other such ownership.



Rapid City Laundry
Rapid City, SD
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Here's an amazing sign for the Laundry Washwoman in Rapid City, SD. Check out both the day as well as a night shot.



South Dakota Stockgrowers
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The neon sign for the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association features another cowboy on a galloping horse. This neon sign is one of those eye-catching delights that is sure to make roadside travelers take another look, or two, or three.




Moody's Jewelers
Tulsa, OK
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Just off of Route 66 in Tulsa, OK is this treasure of a neon sign for Moody's Jewelry. Check out the diamonds glowing atop this marquee.



Archer's Laundry
Muskogee, OK
Photo courtesy Greg West

This neon sign for Archer's in Muskogee, OK features multiple colors with its motto "we aim to please" prominently displayed by the gas tubes. 01-06









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