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Other Roadside Signage Great Plains


Who's Hobby House
Rapid City, SD
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Here's the Who's Who Hobby House and it's owl staring at the roadside traveler.

Who's Hobby House
Rapid City, SD
Photo courtesy Lee Salawitch


UPDATE 04/09 : Who's Hobby House in Rapid City doesn't only feature a great play on words with its name but also still has a fully working neon sign. This updated photos is from June 2008.

According to the Who's Hobby House website, the store moved to their current downtown Rapid City location in 1993. Who's Hobby House originally was founded in 1950 by William H. Ostertag, whose initials are where the name "Who's" originated from. The sign was made in 1951. More information can be found at the Who's Hobby House website. Many thanks to Lee Salawitch for photo update. 04-09



Grain Belt Beer
Minneapolis, MN
Photo courtesy Matthew Hands

This sign for the Grain Belt Beer features an eye catching bottle cap image. By the looks of things, the image of the bottle cap with its 3D effect appears to be floating outward.



Nate's Clothing
Minneapolis, MN
Photo courtesy Matthew Hands

Here's an old vintage sign for Nate's Clothing, where "fashion is first!" Hey, that's a jingle!



Wyman Building
Minneapolis, MN
Photo courtesy Matthew Hands

Here's a photo of the Wyman Building in Minneapolis, MN. Check out the contrast of the black letters on the white background. Okay, I'm reaching here.



Belle Plaine, IA
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

This Case Sign still stand guard over Belle Plaine, Iowa. Not sure what the bird has to do with the sign though.



Eat Sign
Claremore, OK
Photo courtesy Charles Brock

Competing for your attention as you travel down the highway are signs of every sort; some advertising lodging, others a roadside attraction, and many more advertising places to eat. Here is one such sign... this one found off of Route 66 in Claremore, OK.



Colvert's Dairy
Ardmore, OK
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's an old marquee for Colvert's Dairy of Ardmore, OK. Looks like this roadside sign has withstood the test of time.



Bell's Amusement Park
Tulsa, OK
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

A traditional amusement park is Bell's in Tulsa, OK. The amusement park sign is actually mounted on the wood coaster"Zingo". While you're here, check out a sight of Bell's at night.









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