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Grand Theatre Great Plains


Tower Theatre
Oklahoma City, OK
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Check out this deco structure for the Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City, OK. The letters still look good as an original.



Fox Theatre
Fort Madison, IA
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

This Fox Theatre in Fort Madison features the vintage Fox lettering both on its marquee and front facade.



King Theatre
Belle Plaine, IA
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

From the looks of things, the King Theatre may or may not still be showing movies.



New Strand Theatre
West Liberty, IA
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The New Strand Theatre (as opposed to Old Strand) is located in a historic building in West Liberty.



Fargo Theatre
Fargo, ND
Photo courtesy W.H. Kloubec/Heliostudio.com

The Fargo Theatre is one of the oldest operational theaters in the upper midwest. It just underwent a million dollar renovation in 1999. Located in Fargo, ND, this theater shows movies nightly and various live performances from time to time.



Capitol Theatre
Burlington, IA
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

This deco light called the Capitol Theatre in Burlington, IA looks like it could use some sort of restoration effort.



Washita Theatre
Chickasha, OK
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Located in Chickasha, OK, the Washita Theatre still appears to be open for business. Check out the front facade of the still classic theatre.



Stovall Theatre
Sayre, OK
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

The Stovall Theatre along the main route through town has been closed for many years. Check out the bucking bronco in the close-up of the blade sign in the photo at the far right.



Tivoli Theatre
Ardmore, OK
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Tivoli Theatre is located along the main drag in Ardmore, OK. This theatre is still being used for live performances. 10-05










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