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Historic Hotels Midwest


Abbott Hotel
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Dennis Dixson

The Abbott Hotel in Chicago, IL still advertises Color TV and "free TV and air" as a way to pull in the roadside traveler.



New Jackson Hotel
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

The neon lettering graces the sign at the New Jackson Hotel in Chicago, IL. 07-07





Lorraine Hotel
Toledo, OH
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Check out the Lorraine Hotel in Toledo, OH. The old blade marquee still advertises "TV and Radio available". The hotel originally opened on April 15, 1925 which much fanfare. Advertising 150 room and 150 baths, a newpaper advertisement in the Toledo News-Bee on April 14, 1925 also featured the hotel's coffee shop, proclaiming it as the "most attractive and modern in the country". 08-08


UPDATE 06/17 : The Lorraine Motor Hotel has been purchased by investors who plan to renovate the old hotel. . For more information about this converstion to apartments, see this website. 06-17



Elkton Hotel
Quincy, IL
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here's a great old sign that points the way to the five-story Elkton Hotel in Quincy, IL. The building is also home to The Patio Restaurant and its well known charcoal steaks.

The hotel was originally known as the Hotel Elk. Built in 1924, the hotel is located in downtown Quincy, IL. 09-08


UPDATE 12/10 : The Hotel Elkton will no longer be a hotel as its being converted into apartments. With the conversion, the hotel lobby no longer has its 24-hour desk postions. The Patio Restaurant which is on the first floor will remain open for busieness. The hotel will now be referred to as the Elkton Apartments. For more information about this converstion to apartments, see this website. 12-10


UPDATE 12/14 : The Hotel Elkton was home to a five-alarm fire iin December 2014. Fortunately, the fire was contained to one apartment. For more information about the fire, see here. 12-14



Plaza Hotel
Gary, IN
Photos and info courtesy Kevin Heggi

The Plaza Hotel in Gary, IN is an old hotel that has probably seen its best days. The Plaza Hotel was in the movie Original Gangsta's. 10-08

(Far left) The corner shot of the Plaza Hotel in Gary, IN

(Near left) From this view, the Plaza Hotel is clearly seen connected to this block of old buildings










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