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Historic Sites Midwest
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Chain of Rocks Bridge
Chain of Rocks, MO
Photos and info courtesy Jane Linders

Here a images taken on the Chain of Rocks Bridge just north of St. Louis, Missouri . This bridge is open only to pedestrian traffic now, but was once part of the historic Route 66. The bridge overlooks the mighty Mississippi River and during the winter months one can do a little eagle watching from this historic bridge.

On one photo (above) you can actually see the "chain of rocks" just under the surface of the Mississippiwhich caused the Army Corps of Engineers to build a canal around this phenomenon, diverting barge traffic through the canal instead of getting hung up on the rocks.



Many thanks to Jane Linders for photos and info. The image to the right is a Polaroid transfer.



Tiger Stadium (Closed)
Detroit, MI
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

What you may ask does a photo of old Tiger Stadium have to do in a roadside icons page? Well, until the Retrolook Midwest section is sprouted up, it belongs here, with other eye-catching icons of the Midwest. 04-01

Tiger Stadium opened on April 20, 1912 on the same day as Fenway Park. The park was originally named Navin Field and Brigs Stadium until being called tiger Stadium in 1961. Tiger Stadium was home to the Detroit Tigers until 1999, when the nearby Comerica Park sprouted and opened in 2000. Word is the stadium will be demolished sometime in 2008.


UPDATE 07/08 : Check out the Spotlight From the Road feature on Tiger Stadium. 07-08



Downtown Ashtabula and Fire
Ashtabula, OH
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

On the left is a view of downtown Ashtabula, OH. A historic bridge can be seen in the back.

Though the fire looks rather ominous, this burning house was part of a string of homes set ablaze for practice. 01-07



Detroit News (1965)
Detroit, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here's a shot of the Detroit News delivery trucks as well as the Detroit downtown area, circa 1965. 03-07












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