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Neon theatres Midwest

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Berkley Theatre
Detroit, MI
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

This bright theatre marquee belongs to the Berkley Theatre, located in Berkley, MI. The neon on this grand theatre still lights up the street.



Normal Theatre
209 North St.,
Normal, IL
Photo and info courtesy Dawn Riordan

Located in Normal, IL is a recently restored, 1937 Art Moderne theater, with neon marquee ablaze. The Normal Theatre was restored completely in 1994 and has been open and operating for over ten years as a classic movie theater, showing classic film as well as independent and foreign films every weekend. It's got a great neon marquee that's on every night!



Birmingham Theatre
Birmingham, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

The Birmingham Theatre is a old movie palace first built in 1927. Originally set up as a single screener, the Birmingham is now called the Birmingham 8, referencing the 8 theatres that is now housed inside. 02-07





Ionia Theatre
Ionia, MI
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

This old theatre located in downtown Ionia is none other than the Ionia Theatre. The letters of the Ionia blink one at a time until the entire sign lights up.

The Ionia Theatre was built in 1931 intended for Vaudeville entertainment. However, due to the Great Depression, Vaudeville had passed and the theatre showed moving pictures instead. The design of the theatre was made after the New York Roxy theatre. When the theatre fell into disrepair and closed, concerned citizens, local businesses, and the city contributed towards its restoration. More info can be found at the City of Ionia site. 03-07



Drury Lane Theatre and Martinique Restaurant (Demolished)
Evergreen Park, IL
Photo and info courtesy Bruce R. Cassi / 2004

Originally located in Chicago, the business was housed inside of a tent and was only open during the summer months. Drury Lane Theatre moved to Evergreen Park in 1948. They played host to top name entertainers and singers throughout the years. A wedding chapel was added in the late 1970's. A second location opened in the 1980's in the upscale town of Oak Brook. Sadly, the original closed on January 1, 2004 and was demolished to make way for a Walmart. From the west, this massive sign could be seen from up to two miles away. 04-07





Redford Theatre
Detroit, MI
Photo and info courtesy Ed Seward / 2006

The MCTOS (Motor City Theatre Organ Society) owns and operates the Redford Theatre with its original fully restored Barton Theatre Organ. Classic movies are shown regularly, with rentals offered for events. An 80th Anniversary celebration will be upcoming in 2008. 07-07











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