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Chicago Theatre


Chicago Theatre
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Jeannie Black

Chicago, IL is home to a fantastic example of theatre restoration in the form of the Chicago Theatre. The 1986 restoration of this Chicago landmark in the North Loop allows visitors and residents alike to enjoy live entertainment.

More information and photos also found at Roadside Peek's Spotlight on the Chicago Theatre. 02-10



Lorraine Theatre
Hoopeston, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Lorraine Theatre is one of the oldest in the State of Illinois. This Hoopeston classic sports a front facade reminiscent of an old time fire station.




Maumee Theatre
Maumee, OH
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

An old deco type of theatre is the Maumee in Maumee, OH. Stop by and check out a movie if it's still open.


UPDATE 07/03 : According to the Toledo Blade newspaper, over $3M of restoration work for this theater has been approved by the Maumee City Council and will start in the next few weeks. "The theater at Anthony Wayne Trail and Conant Street will be a venue for both performing arts and movies." Many thanks to Jerry Kellogg for update. 07-03



Irving Theatre
Indianapolis, IN
Photo and info courtesy Emily Steele

The Irving Theatre has been closed down for quite some time and is up for sale. When they were still open, however, they featured great classics.



Emerson Theatre
Indianapolis, IN
Photo and info courtesy Emily Steele

The Emerson Theatre has a great vintage look and is home to many punk rock bands that come through town.

The colors on this building are bright and extremely eye-catching for motorists passing through Indianapolis, IN.




Bryan Theatre
Bryan, OH
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

The funky looking Bryan Theatre looks like it needs a major bulb replacement but otherwise it's still in really good shape. What you see if probably the end result of a repaint job sometime within its more recent years.

Bryan Theatre
Photo courtesy Alan Culley


UPDATE 04/09 : The Bryan Theatre is a multi-screen theatre still featuring first-run movies. The letters for the front marquee is of the small bulb type. For a look at what's playing here, check out the Bryan Theatre website. 04-09









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