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Auto Dealerships Pacific Northwest


Roberts Oldsmobile
Auburn, WA
Photo courtesy John Spencer

This marquee for Roberts Oldsmobile is a sight to behold. Oldsmobile has always been known for its rocket symbolism and this marquee does not disappoint. From the rocket making a swoop into outer space, we hope the sign does not also disappear with the demise of the Oldsmobile name.



Lil John Auto Sales
Bremerton, WA
Photo courtesy John Spencer

Used car lots sometimes feature some good mid-century signage. This one for Lil John Auto Sales in the town of Bremerton, WA features a ram looking arrow expressively drawing the attention into the car lot.







Lincoln Mercury
Seattle, WA
Photo and info courtesy John Spencer

The Lincoln Mercury sign in Seattle, WA has served as a prominent sign in the Seattle area for a number of years. Unfortunately, the huge lettering no longer sits atop the dealership in Seattle. However, a local collector has purchased this sign and will be setting it up at his hamburger stand.



Wentworth Chevytown
Portland, OR
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

The huge neon sign still spells out Wentworth Chevytown at this car dealership located in east Portland. Large auto signs like this are a flashback to the days when auto dealerships were huge showcases for cars. 03-06



Cottage Grove, OR
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

This Packard car dealership sign in Cottage Grove is a throwback to the old days when Packard was a showroom stop. 03-06



Huling Bros Used Cars
Seattle, WA
Photo courtesy Jeffrey Cook / 2006

Check out this roadside sign outside of Huling Bros Used Cars in Seattle, WA. 11-07










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