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Petrol Pumps Pacific Northwest


Hat 'n' Boots
Seattle, WA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Opening in the 1950's, the Hat 'n' Boots gas station was a unique sight for travelers searching for a place to put gas in the car. Even during an era where unique signage and architecture could be found, the Hat 'n' Boots gas station stood out from the crowd. Unfortunately, the 1980's brought leaner times and the Hat 'n Boots became in danger of meeting a destination with the saddle in the sky.



Save On Gas
Aurora, OR
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Here are a couple of photos of an old gas station located in Aurora, OR. The Save On Gas sign in Aurora looks like its been hitched to this post for many years. 03-06



Signal Gas
Portland, OR
Photos courtesy Mike Siebert

Here are a few photos of the Signal Gas in Portland, OR. This deco delight was recently restored to its earlier incarnation and the old petrol pump is for the most part largely intact. The neon is very prominent on this treasure of a building.

This gas station, which originally opened in 1939, was nominated for the National Register of Historic Places. Developer Rob Phillips renovated this in 2003 and it is now being operated as a tobacco shop.


Signal Gas pumps and close-up
Portland, OR
Photo courtesy Mike Siebert

More information can be found at the following two sites 1 and 2. 06-06







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