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Drive-in Theatres Southeast


Ruskin Drive-in Theatre
Photo courtesy Andy Callahan

There are still a few drive-ins remaining in Florida. Check them out here at Roadside Peek's Drive-in Theatres Florida.



Buccaneer Drive-In Theatre (Closed)
Photo courtesy Barry Wells

Kentucky is home to a few unique drive-in theaters. If you're in the Richmond area, stop by the Buccaneer Drive-in Theatre.


UPDATE 05/06 : The Buccaneer Drive-in is now closed. Many thanks to Joe Collett for update. 05-06


Twin Drive-in Theatre
Atlanta, GA
Photo courtesy Tiger Jones

Check out the marquee for the Twin Drive-in Theatre of Atlanta, Georgia. Unfortunately this ozoner is in the category of defunct.




Kenwood Drive-in (Closed)
Louisville KY
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Traveling around town in Louisville, Kentucky after watching a Cardinal game? If you have a moment, visit the Kenwood Drive-in. The theatre is fairly generic looking, but the marquee is an eye-catcher to passing motorists.


UPDATE 04/08 : Here is a more recent photo of the Kenwood Drive-in Theatre in Louisville. Many thanks to Rosalind Causey for update. 04-08

Kenwood Drive-in Theatre
Louisville, KY
Photo courtesy Rosalind Causey

UPDATE 01/09 : The Kenwood Drive-in of Louisville KY has screened its last picture. The theater was to celebrate its 60th anniversary this summer, but it was not meant to be. The family favorite and city landmark will be greatly missed. No word yet on what the site will be used for. Many thanks to Rosalind Causey for update. 04-08



Kenda Drive-in Theatre
Marshall, AR
Photo courtesy Stewart Isbell

Movie Trailer
Photo courtesy Stewart Isbell

Here's one of the old refreshment trailers that used to be quite popular at the drive-in.

This Drive-in Theatre found in Arkansas still features a standing screen tower and snack bar. Below are more photos.


UPDATE 11/10 : This drive-in is called the Kenda Drive-in in Marshall, AR. Many thanks to David Hughes for update. 11-10


Screen Tower and Snack Bar
Photo courtesy Stewart Isbell

Close up of the screen tower
Photo courtesy Stewart Isbell

Projection Booth
Photo courtesy Stewart Isbell







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