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Drive-in Theatres Southeast
Tri-City Drive-in Theatre


Ruskin Drive-in Theatre
Photo courtesy Andy Callahan

There are still a few drive-ins remaining in Florida. Check them out here at Roadside Peek's Drive-in Theatres Florida.



Buccaneer Drive-In Theatre (Closed)
Photo courtesy Barry Wells

Kentucky is home to a few unique drive-in theaters. If you're in the Richmond area, stop by the Buccaneer Drive-in Theatre.


UPDATE 05/06 : The Buccaneer Drive-in is now closed. Many thanks to Joe Collett for update. 05-06


Twin Drive-in Theatre
Atlanta, GA
Photo courtesy Tiger Jones

Check out the marquee for the Twin Drive-in Theatre of Atlanta, Georgia. Unfortunately this ozoner is in the category of defunct.






Kenda Drive-in Theatre
Marshall, AR
Photo courtesy Stewart Isbell

Movie Trailer
Photo courtesy Stewart Isbell

Here's one of the old refreshment trailers that used to be quite popular at the drive-in.

This Drive-in Theatre found in Arkansas still features a standing screen tower and snack bar. Below are more photos.


UPDATE 11/10 : This drive-in is called the Kenda Drive-in in Marshall, AR. Many thanks to David Hughes for update. 11-10


Screen Tower and Snack Bar
Photo courtesy Stewart Isbell

Close up of the screen tower
Photo courtesy Stewart Isbell

Projection Booth
Photo courtesy Stewart Isbell









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