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Drive-in Theatres Southeast


Valley Drive-in Theatre
Photo courtesy Stewart Isbell

The Valley Drive-in Theatre still displays its lettering on the back of the screen tower.



Mt. View Drive-In Theatre
Stanton, KY
Photo courtesy Barry Wells

Another drive-in in the Kentucky area is the Mt. View Drive-in Theatre. Located in Stanton, the screen tower carries an interesting angle as it faces the road.




Starlight Six Drive-in Theatre
Atlanta, GA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Check out these images of the Starlight Six Drive-in Theatre in Atlanta, GA. The Starlight was built in the 1950's and is one of the few, if not the last, remaining drive-in theatres in the area. 06-06

(Far right) Check out the close-up of the marquee

(Near right) What's showing at the Starlight Six



Jesup Drive-in Theatre
Jesup, GA
Photo and info courtesy Andy Morales

The Jesup Drive-in Theatre has enchanted countless moviegoers since the 1950's and is still going strong to this day. It is located on 301 north in Jesup, GA. 07-06

More photos of the Jesup Drive-in marquee and screen tower are below.


Jesup Drive-in Theatre Marquee
Jesup, GA
Photo courtesy Andy Morales

(Near left) A black and white shot of the screen tower and the entrance sign pointing the way in

(Far right) The marquee at the drive-in looks freshly painted



Eden Drive-in Theatre
Eden, NC
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

The Eden Drive-in Theatre still shows first run movies in the open air for folks that visit or are in Eden, NC. According to the Eden Drive-in Theatre website, the Eden shows double features every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Also according to the website, the Eden was originally the Leakesville Drive-in. 04-08










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