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Roadside Statues Southeast


Statue of Christ
Eureka Springs, AR
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

The Statue of Christ (formerly ID'd as Jesus Water Tower) can be found in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and can be seen from quite a distance away.


UPDATE 03/06 : The Jesus water tower that you mention on your website is the "Statue of Christ", it contains no water.  It is on top of a mountain overlooking Eureka Springs, on the same property & part of the famous "Passion Play of the Ozarks". Many thanks to Lisa Noone for correcting name of statue and for info. 03-06



Jesus on Cross
Gibson City, TN
Photo and info courtesy Sherry McGee

This sign depicting a Jesus on a Cross is on a highway just outside Shelby County, TN. Not quite sure of the story behind this with the kneeling cowboy and horse. 09-06



Ramesses and Pyramid
Memphis, TN
Photo and info courtesy Sherry McGee

Check out this statue of Ramesses in front of The Pyramid. The University of Memphis used to play their games in this venue, but now that the Fed Ex Forum has opened, The Pyramid is rarely used. 09-06



Memphis, TN
Photo and info courtesy Sherry McGee

This Viking stands guard over Hillcrest School entrance. 09-06



Dizzy Gillespie
Cheraw, SC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Check out this bronze statue of Dizzy Gillespie, found in the town of Cheraw, South Carolina. 02-08













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