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Signage Icons Southeast


Pet Milk
Burlington, NC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here's a huge Pet Milk carton sign found off the roadside in Burlington, NC. 05-08


Coble Milk
Mt Ulla, NC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here's another large milk carton, this one lettered for Coble Milk at the entrance to a farm pretty much off the beaten path near Mount Ulla, NC. 05-08



Wytheville Office Supply
Wytheville, VA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

There's no confusing what type of business is located here after seeing this giant pencil off the roadside. The Wytheville Office Supply store prominently features one of the largest pencils if not the largest at this Virginia location. 06-10




Pet Milk
Mount Airy, NC
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This giant milk carton is located at the plant of Pet Milk in Mount Airy, NC. The milk carton itself is 12 feet tall and can't be missed. According to the Visit Mayberry site, the giant metal milk carton was built in the 1940's by Coble Dairy and was designed to promote the sale of milk. Over the years, the milk carton has advertised Coble Dairy, Flavo-Rich and now Pet Milk. 06-10









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