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Desert Inn Motel Sign
Phoenix, AZ


Desert Inn Motel
Phoenix, AZ
Photos and i info courtesy Elgin MacMillan

Here are a couple of photos of the Desert Inn Motel, located on Van Buren Avenue in Phoenix. And a picture of this sad little rough looking sign (Bottom right) that no longer has any resemblance to a neon sign.


It's located on the northeast corner of the Inn between Grand Ave and the bigger sign. I can only guess that the little sign was possibly put up first and the bigger sign came later as the Inn's revenue grew but again that is just my guess, I have no evidence to back it up.

The main entrance of this Inn is located at 10th Ave & Van Buren but this sign (top left) is located 1 block north at 10th Ave & Polk (northwest corner of the Inn's property - back entrance) this would be the entrance most likely spotted first by anyone coming in from California through Wickenburg to Phoenix by way of Grand Ave.



Desert Inn marquee on 10th and Polk as of 04/08
Photos courtesy Jodey Elsner

Does anyone remember "ON TV"? Short lived but I think I remember it as sort of a precursor to cable TV in the late 70's or early 80's.


UPDATE 05/08 : It appears that the Desert Inn sign at 10th Ave and Polk has been mostly destroyed. Here's what the sign looks like now in a photo shot on April 30, 2008 from the same angle Elgin MacMillan took his photo.

According to this postcard dating from 1951, the sheared-off sign was originally located down on Van Buren.  The sign must have been moved up to Polk when they did a big updating on the place in the late '60s. Many thanks to Jodey Elsner for photos and update. 05-08

Desert Inn postcard from 1951
Postcard courtesy Jodey Elsner


UPDATE 01/13 : The old sign for the Desert Inn Motel is now long gone and replaced by a plastic version. It looks like the motel is still open. 01-13



Google Street View Image









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