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Here are the Lost Treasures from the Southwestern state of Arizona. This section will feature some of the lost treasures of the road, surpassed by time, and in ma ny cases these are all but forgotten.

Apache Drive-in Theater
Globe, AZ

Gone: 2013
Remains: Remnants






City Cafe
Kingman, AZ

Gone: 2008
Remains: Now a Walgreen's

Copa Inn
Phoenix, AZ

Gone: 2007
Remains: ?

Desert Inn Motel
Phoenix, AZ

Gone: 2008
Remains: Sign gone; Motel remains

Golden Pin Lanes
Tucson, AZ

Gone: 2019
Remains: Remains

La Siesta Motel
Wickenburg, AZ

Gone: 2000
Remains: Storage units

Log Cabin Motel
Phoenix, AZ

Gone: 2010
Category: Closed

Roland's Market
Phoenix, AZ

Spotlight Year: 2020
Category: Signage

Tonto Drive-in Theater
Winslow, AZ

Gone: 1988
Remains: Vacant

Trails End Motel
Phoenix, AZ

Gone: 2005
Remains: None

Yuma Cabana Motel
Yuma, AZ

Gone: 2010s
Remains: Econo Lodge Inn & Suites






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