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Roadside Ruins and Relics Arizona

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Ice Factory
Bisbee, AZ
Photo courtesy Gorb70

As you travel through the old picturesque town of Bisbee on the way south to Douglas from Tucson, check out this sighting of an old ice factory. This ice factory has long since been boarded up. 04-06



S.L. Chavez Cost Grocery
Yuma, AZ
Photo and info courtesy Bill Herzog

Located off the beaten path on 3rd Street in Yuma is the S.L. Chavez Cost Grocery store. Looks like Mr. Chavez had but one lone gas pump for his Richfield gas. Note the old A-1 neon beer sign skeleton to the right of the building. 12-06





Post Office
Fairbanks, AZ
Photos courtesy Gorb70

Here's an old Post Office building found in the Arizona town of Fairbanks. The post office is now a vacant building and has not been handling mail for quite some time from the looks of things. 02-07

(Near right) The Post Office fenced off

(Far right) A close-up of the ruins



Joe Bong Market
Gleeson, AZ
Photos courtesy Gorb70

This old market called the Joe Bong Market looks like it stopped serving the paper quite some time ago. 02-07



Country Store
Cochise, AZ
Photo courtesy Gorb70

Check out the mural on top of the front of the Cochise Country Store in Cochise, AZ. This store opened in 1913. 02-07



Courtland, AZ
Photo courtesy Gorb70

Here are the remains of a hotel that once stood proudly at this site in Courtland, AZ. 02-07



Old Mine
Gleeson, AZ
Photo and info courtesy Gorb70

Here's an old mine building that has caved in since its heyday back in the early 1900's. The town of Gleeson was founded in 1900 with folks supporting primarily copper mining. The town lasted through the 1930's and eventually closed with the mines. 02-07










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