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Neon Signage Arizona


Turquoise Tepee
Williams, AZ
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Route 66Check out the neon sign outside of the Turquoise Tepee curio shop, located off Route 66 in Williams, AZ. The familiar neon sign is always a welcome sight for travelers arriving at Williams. 11-07



Courtesy Chevrolet
Photo courtesy Rob Svirskas

The neon glow emanates from this roadside sign at the Courtesy Chevrolet dealership.




8 Drive-in Liquor
Yuma, AZ
Photo courtesy Bill Herzog

Check out t his dusk shot of the 8 Drive-in Liquor store. Located in Yuma, the neon glows as dusk settles in the Arizona sky. 12-06



Arizona Water Company
Miami, AZ
Photo courtesy Elgin MacMillan

Check out this rather happy sign for the Arizona Water Company.






Grand Canyon Hotel
Williams, AZ
Photo courtesy Tim Hewett

Route 66Here's the Grand Canyon Hotel and its neon sign all lit up for the evening. 10-06



Monte Vista Hotel
Flagstaff, AZ
Photo and info courtesy Paul Bauke

Route 66Even though the Hotel Monte Vista is one block off Route 66, you can still hear the Santa Fe railroad trains passing through mid-town (I know - I stayed there) and you can't miss this sign sitting atop the 4 story hotel. The Monte Vista opened its doors on January 1, 1927.



Wigwam Curios
Winslow, AZ
Photo courtesy Alan Culley / 1992

Route 66The Wigwam Curios marquee is, or at least used to be back in 1992, located in Flagstaff, AZ. Check out the detail on this neon sign. 03-08



Powerhouse Museum
Kingman, AZ
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Route 66The Powerhouse Museum in Kingman, AZ is located right off of Route 66. 10-08








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