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Budget #1 Motel Marquee
Needles, CA

Needles, CA --- For years the Budget #1 Motel sign sat and greeted visitors alongside Route 66 in Needles, CA. Today, the huge Budget Motel marquee is in danger of being leveled and the City of Needles is looking for a home for it.

If you're interested in preserving this sign, please email me and I will contact the City of Needles or contact the California Route 66 Preservation Foundation.

Budget Motel Sign
Photo courtesy The City of Needles


Many thanks to Jim Conkle from the California Route 66 Preservation Foundation and Elaine Downing for bring attention to this sign.



Budget #1 Motel
Photos by Roadsidepeek.com

The Budget #1 Motel sign is now gone as is the rest of the motel. Today a vacant lot sits where the motel used to reside. Here are more photos of the Budget #1 Motel as it once stood.



Google Street View Image






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