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Other Roadside Motels California Desert

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Budget #1 Motel | Sundowner Motel


Sundowner Motel (Demolished)
Photo courtesy Ed Stewart

An old classic burned out motel. That's the Sundowner Motel near the Salton Sea. Although this motel joint no longer takes in travelers, the sign still reflects an era that once was.

See more of the Sundowner Motel at Roadside Peek's Lost Treasures tribute to the Sundowner Motel.



Torches Motel
Barstow, CA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Route 66The Torches Motel is another of the fine Route 66 establishments still located in California. This one, in Barstow, still features its classic motel marquee.



Del Mar Motel
Boron, CA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Del Mar Motel in Boron still stands with its marquee out front advertising its services.



Topper Motel
Afton, CA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Topper Motel in Afton features a standard motel sign that looks like it could have neon set in it.



Welcome Traveler Motel
Barstow, CA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Route 66 This old faded sign sits outside the Welcome Traveler Motel in the old railroad town of Barstow, CA. This place is worth a visit, especially with color TV.







66 Motel
Needles, CA
Photo courtesy Alex Schultz

Route 66Traveling along Route 66 through the various states will take you to numerous towns with motels proudly proclaiming its Route 66 heritage, whether deserved or not. Here's one called the 66 Motel.



66 Motel
Needles, CA
Photo courtesy Alan Culley / 1992

Here are a couple of additional photos of the 66 Motel in the California Route 66 town of Needles. Though it can get quite hot here during the summertime, traveling the old Mother Road is always a treat. 07-07

(Far left) The well known marquee for the 66 Motel on Route 66 in Needles










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