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Crossroads Drive-in Restaurant
Santa Cruz, CA
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Santa Cruz, CA --- Last days for the old Crossroads Drive-in?

In the 1950s, the Cross Roads Drive-In restaurant served as a popular rendezvous for teenagers in Santa Cruz, Calif., a seaside community at the northern tip of Monterey Bay about 75 miles south of San Francisco.

Crossroads Bar-B-Q
Santa Cruz, CA
Photo courtesy Len Klumpnauer


Located a couple of blocks from the Santa Cruz Beach, Boardwalk and Wharf at the foot of West Cliff Drive and adjacent to the Southern Pacific Railroad Depot, the Cross Roads also served as a summer hangout for teens visiting the Beach and Boardwalk from the San Francisco Bay Area, the Santa Clara Valley, the San Joaquin Valley and other Central California coastal communities. In March 2001, the City of Santa Cruz announced plans to demolish the building, which has housed a liquor store for almost 40 years, and replace it with a natural history museum as part of a new park development. (The SP Depot burned down some years ago.)

Above text taken directly from the Help Save the Crossroads Drive-in website by Len Klempnauer. Many thanks to Len for info and photo.


UPDATE 07/10 : It appears that the Crossroads building is still there. 07-10






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